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AVTECH ProductsCurrent Firmware & Software v6.3.3Device ManageR (Win)Released: December 9, 2015 v2.5.1Room Alert 32W
 (Includes Room Alert 32E)
Released: May 15, 2015
v3.0.0Room Alert 12EReleased: November 5, 2015 v4.0.0Room Alert 4E
 (Includes Signal Towers)
Released: November 5, 2015
v2.0.0Room Alert 3EReleased: November 5, 2015 v3.5.1Room Alert 26W *
 (Includes Room Alert 26WO)
Released: September 14, 2011
v4.1.3Room Alert 24E *Released: December 27, 2013 v4.0.0Room Alert 11E *Released: April 27, 2012 v4.5.0Room Alert 7E *Released: April 3, 2012 v4.5.0TemPageR 4E *Released: April 3, 2012 v3.0.1TemPageR 3E *Released: April 10, 2013 v4.1.0Device Discovery (Linux)Released: October 16, 2012 v4.3.2Device Discovery (Win)Released: December 23, 2015 Download at GoToMyDevices * This model no longer manufactured.

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Product: Room Alert 4E (Includes Signal Towers)
Article: Release Notes
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May 26, 2010

Room Alert 4E Firmware v2.0.0 AvailableRoom Alert 4E Firmware v2.0.0 Released 26 May 2010

AVTECH Software is pleased to announce that an update to the Room Alert 4E Firmware is available for download at

Room Alert 4E Firmware v2.0.0 includes the following:

  • Added support for the new Relay option which can connect to the signal tower connector on the back of a Room Alert 4E. This Relay allows the Room Alert 4E to turn up to four (4) relay outputs on or off in response to alarm conditions. Click here for additional information about the Relay.
  • Added a new feature that allows the Room Alert 4E to optionally automatically synchronize the date and time with the configured NTP server at regular intervals. Available intervals include 10 minutes, 60 minutes and 6, 12 and 24 hours.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the 'Retry' setting for Pings to not be applied, resulting in Ping Alerts on the first failure.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a Ping to not be checked if the 'Retry' setting was set to zero (0).
  • For additional information about the updates included with Room Alert 4E v1.6.2 firmware, please click here.

Thank you for choosing Room Alert 4E and feel free to contact us at or 888.220.6700 if you have any questions.
View All Room Alert 4E (Includes Signal Towers) Release Notes View All Release Notes

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