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TAP Dialup Database

The entries on this page identify TAP Dialup Numbers and modem settings for paging service providers starting with the letter highlighted below. Locate your service provider to identify the most likely dialup number and modem settings to send text to your mobile device. The home page for the listed service provider is also available by clicking on their name in case you need support for that device or to research other text messaging options.

For more information on TAP Dialup Numbers and a basic review of how they work, click here.

Company Name Pager Service # Baud Rate Data Bits Parity Stop Bits
Beep Call US 888.624.6703 2400 7 E 1
Beep One US 800.864.1160 2400 7 E 1
Beep One US 800.864.0984 2400 7 E 1
Beeper Communications 972.3.610.0081 2400 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 815.533.6000 300 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 708.933.6000 300 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 847.896.6000 300 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 773.246.6000 300 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 312.691.6000 300 7 E 1
BeeperSmart 630.304.6000 300 7 E 1
Belgium Mobistar 0495 955205 2400 8 E 1
Belgium Proximus 32 4751 61621 2400 7 E 1
Bell Mobility Canada 418.659.2561 2400 7 E 1
Bell Mobility Canada 514.931.0441 2400 7 E 1
Bell Mobility Canada 613.744.4822 2400 7 E 1
Bell Mobility Canada 416.285.7267 2400 7 E 1
Bellsouth US 800.868.2835 2400 7 E 1
Beta Tele-Page US 800.409.6979 2400 7 E 1
British Telecom UK 44.0.345.581.354 2400 7 E 1
BT Easy Reach UK 44.0901.1130000 2400 7 E 1
BT Mobile UK 44.0901.1130000 2400 7 E 1
BT Mobile UK 44.0345.581354 2400 7 E 1
BT Mobile UK 44.0345.010144 2400 7 E 1
BT Mobile UK 44.0345.58154 2400 7 E 1
AVTECH Software has worked hard to ensure this database is as error free and complete as possible. If you find an error in the entries above, please email the known correction(s) to AVTECH by clicking anywhere in this box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many paging service providers are planning to discontinue allowing dialup text messaging due to the cost of maintaining large data centers with thousands of modems. Large vendors like AT&T, Cingular, SkyTel, and T-Mobile have already stopped. This service will typically be replaced by SNPP (Simple Network Paging Protocol) which sends text to your mobile device over the network/internet. The advantage of SNPP is that it is virtually instantaneous and requires only a network connection (no modem, no phone line, no email server). SNPP is faster, more secure and costs less. Ask your service provider about SNPP for your mobile phone, pager or PDA and know that AVTECH Software's PageR Enterprise software is already enabled for SNPP.

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