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How To Synch Room Alert To A Time Server

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By default, Room Alert obtains the time and date from an Internet NTP time server at IP address

If you wish, you may configure your Room Alert to obtain the date and time from an NTP time server on your local network by following these steps:
1. Open your Room Alert web interface. You may open the interface using AVTECH's Device ManageR or Device Discovery, or by entering the unit's IP address directly into the address bar of your browser.

2. Select Settings at the top of the screen.

3. Select Advanced in the navigation bar to the left.

4. In the 'Time & Date Configuration' section, enter the IP address of your time server in the Time Server IP field.

5. Select Accept Changes at the bottom of the page to temporarily save your settings.

6. Then select Save Settings in the navigation bar to the left.

7. Your unit will reboot with the new setting and attempt to obtain the time and date from the new IP address.
If you'd like to configure a Windows system or Windows server as a Network Time Server, please see this FAQ: How To Configure A Windows Or Windows Server System As A Network Time Server (NTP).

Timeserver requests are sent from Room Alert on UDP port 123; this port must be unblocked on your network to allow Room Alert to synch properly.

You may configure other settings in the 'Time and Date Configuration' section of the 'Advanced Settings' page as well:

- In Time Zone, you may choose your local time zone from the drop-down list.

- In Time Display, you may choose the hour format from the drop-down list:
- 24 hour (default)

- In Time Format, you may select the date format from the drop-down menu:
- MM/DD/YY Hour:Minute:Second (default)
- DD/MM/YY Hour:Minute:Second
- You may select the Daylight Savings check box to add 1 hour to the current time.

- As noted above, you may enter a new IP address in Time Server IP or leave the default, 

- In Time Server Auto Refresh, you may select the interval at which your unit synchronizes with the timeserver:
- Disabled (default)
- 10 Minutes
- 1 Hour
- 6 Hours
- 12 Hours
- 24 Hours

- You may select Update Now to synchronize the time manually. (You may also do this by entering http://<IP of your unit >/cmd.cgi?action=SyncTime in your browser address bar.) 

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